Posted on : Thursday July 15, 2021

Mr. Dozat’s insight for this issue of BIBLE TIME FUN!

Here is Issue 112 of BIBLE TIME FUN for your family and ministry.

It gives me so much joy to share this issue with you. I hope you like it and that you can use it in your children’s program, church, outreach, or VBS follow-up mailings.

As I look over this issue, I wonder what marvels God may have for its use! It contains so many great Scriptures, not only popular ones we all love but some that challenge us too.

I do not try to set a theme. Instead, I try to select Scriptures with different topics because I hope if one is not in accord with what the Spirit says to someone, another will be. Though I spend between one and three hours selecting the Scriptures, I prayerfully seek the Lord’s direction about the final choices.

When you look over the activity bulletin, you will notice that I select from different translations. This is because I look for a translation for each verse that is not confusing and does not use “churchy words” or complex grown-up language.

I could get excited about my artwork, clever puzzles, or the masterful layout of the bulletin, but what is most exciting to me is presenting the Word of God.

Briefly, the verses in this issue are:

— Psalm 127:1, coloring page.
— 1 John 3:1, Shape-sort puzzle.
— Luke 10:15, cryptogram.
— 1 John 4:8, scrambler.
— 1 Peter 2:9, word search.
— Romans 8:31, coloring page.
— James 4:6-7 crossword puzzle.
— Acts 4:12, explorer’s challenge.
— James 1:22, drop-word puzzle.
— James 4:17, coloring page.
— 1 Corinthians 13:4, word search.
— Psalm 118:29, 4-way Mega-Maze.
— John 13:35, Drop-letter puzzle.
— Proverbs 16:3, memory verse trading cards.

Most of the Scripture verses are accompanied by an open-ended “Let’s talk about it” question. I hope that these questions will allow teachers or parents to have meaningful conversations with children.

It took several attempts and more hours to get some of the puzzles to work correctly. Still, I am glad that I took the time because I think they have a balance of complexity and fun. Some of the puzzles are for older youth, and some are for younger. Everybody will find something that they enjoy in this issue.

Photo by Alan Rodriguez on Unsplash