Posted on : Thursday July 22, 2021

Mr. Dozat’s insight for this issue of BIBLE TIME FUN!

I am grateful and joyful to share this issue with you. It has many beautiful scriptures full of comfort, hope, peace, and even a warning or two.

I started working on this issue over a week ago. I had lots of interruptions, like the dog was barking because it needed a walk, the roof was leaking on my daughter’s bed, someone needed a ride to work, and someone else needed a favor. I believe God is in the interruptions and has a purpose for them, so I am glad to respond. Now it is nearing midnight, and I have been trying to finish this issue since 9 a.m. I am glad to do it because I love God’s Word and hope that these activity bulletins are a blessing to you and many people.

The verses for the activities:

  • One of the coloring pictures surprised me with how well it turned out because it is so simple — Romans 12:12.
  • The shape sort puzzle is one of those challenging verses from Revelation 3:15-16. It’s a warning from the Lord — don’t be lukewarm!
  • The code breaker puzzle uses icons instead of letters or numbers for Matthew 4:4. I hope you have fun with it.
  • I had to redo each of the word searches more than once to get the letters of the words to fit in. For example, one uses Numbers 6:24-27, and the other uses Hebrews 10:24-25.
  • There is a verse from Psalm 23 which is a legacy picture from an issue two years ago.
  • The crossword puzzle is a verse we do not hear enough — Isaiah 54:10.
  • The Explorer’s Challenge is a mini Bible study. The verse is one of those hard sayings of Jesus — you cannot serve two masters from Luke 16:13.
  • The scrambler uses Revelation 3:20. This is a verse that is often used to call people to receive Jesus.
  • The third coloring page is the beautiful Scripture of comfort from Psalm 4:8. I put a lot of stars in this one.
  • The mega maze uses the words of Christ from John 12:16. I love to lift up the Lord and not just illustrate stories, and this scripture tells us in Jesus’ own words why he came.
  • The drop puzzle is another verse from Psalms — it is Psalm 27:1, a scripture of comfort and peace.
  • The memory verse craft is from Psalm 119:18: “Open my eyes that I may see wondrous things from Your law.”

You can see what exciting Scriptures are in this issue. Some of these verses challenge us, and others give comfort.

Discussion questions:

Most of the activities are accompanied by a question to help facilitate discussion. I pray that as these bulletins are sent home after VBS or children’s church, un-churched family members will be challenged by God’s Word, which will not return void.

Suggestions on how to use this:

  • Remember, you can share these with kids who came to your VBS or Backyard Bible Club.
  • Each week, print these out and mail them to the absentees with a note.
  • You can give them out after a club meeting as a take-home for that night.
  • You can use them as an alternative to craft time or game time.

Photo by Alan Rodriguez on Unsplash.