Posted on : Thursday September 23, 2021

Mr. Dozat’s insight for this issue of BIBLE TIME FUN!

Here is another exciting issue of BIBLE TIME FUN WEEKLY — Issue 122 — for your ministry.

I am delighted with this issue. When I started working on this one, the thought of creating 12 or more activities, puzzles, and coloring pictures was overwhelming. But I prayed over each step and it came together. The real work is the details; so many little things need to be wrestled with. In spite of all of that, I feel deeply grateful to be able to offer this small project as an offering of devotion to our Lord.

I recreated a coloring picture of John 10:10 from an earlier issue. I wanted to use this scripture because I believe we must keep lifting up Jesus. It is an excellent verse about who He is. I think the crossword puzzle is one of my favorites. It is not just for kids and not just for adults; everyone who does it will enjoy it and it makes you think about Hebrews 9:28. I made a Noah coloring page, but not another ark-and-the-animals’ picture. Instead, I wanted to illustrate Genesis 6:22, about Noah’s obedience to do all that God asked him to do. I hope people will think more about the message of Noah’s obedience. I paired it with a match-up activity with ten reasons why the ark makes us think about Jesus. Of course, there are more typological references to Christ in the ark, but I had to consider the space available. It was the hardest thing I tried to do because I wanted to squeeze so much into it. Another puzzle that I admit that I got carried away with was the codebreaker puzzle: it is two verses and took a lot of space. I gave a good number of clues for you. It will appeal to older children or adults. It may be an excellent puzzle to do together with a kid. Whenever I make these, I think of my friend, Tom, who is good with numbers and I imagine that he breaks the code in like 90 seconds. I’ll have to ask him someday.

I am in awe to think that people of all ages and from different faiths are encountering God’s Word through these Bible activity bulletins!

There are 13 fun things to do with this issue. There is a “Let’s Talk About It” question accompanying most of the activities. It is an opened-ended thought question that I hope will inspire Spirit-led conversation.

Issue 122 contains the following:

  • Match-up — scriptures of Noah’s ark and the types for Jesus which they may show.
  • Coloring picture — Noah and the words from Genesis 6:2.
  • Shape-sort puzzle — Isaiah 40:28, a verse about the greatness of God.
  • Codebreaker — 1 John 4:9-10.
  • Word search — Acts 17:11.
  • Coloring page — John 10:10.
  • Crossword puzzle — Hebrews 9:28.
  • The Explorer’s Challenge – John 13:34-25.
  • Scrambler — 1 Peter 5:7.
  • Word search — Acts 17:11.
  • Coloring page — John 10:10.
  • Find the hidden letters — Jeremiah 29:13.
  • Word search — Matthew 5:13.
  • Maze — Matthew 4:19.
  • Drop-word puzzle — Colossians 3:23.
  • Memory verse craft — Psalm 118:24.

There is something for everybody.