Posted on : Thursday November 18, 2021

I am grateful to finish another issue of BIBLE TIME FUN WEEKLY.

I think these are getting better all the time, and I am especially thrilled with this issue.

This issue has many wonderful Scriptures and fun activities to help kids of all ages discover that the Bible is unique, amazing, incredible, and fun.

This week, as I was reading Psalm 27, I was impressed with how one chapter can have lots of powerful verses, so I picked a few from that chapter for this issue. I struggled with one of the Scriptures. Psalm 27:10 is a little dark but has been very meaningful for me, growing up without a father and a mentally ill mother. Perhaps the Lord is preparing this issue for someone who needs that verse. I felt compelled to use it at the last minute. It is the drop-word puzzle.

The “Let’s talk about it” questions will help teachers and parents to have Spirit-led conversations.

Issue 130 contains the following activities and Scriptures:

  • Find the difference — this includes a quiz about women named Mary.
  • Coloring page #1 — Psalm 27:1.
  • Shape-sort puzzle — Psalm 27:4.
  • Codebreaker — Isaiah 53:5.
  • Read-it-backwards image — Psalm 27:8.
  • Word search #1 — Romans 12:2.
  • Coloring page #2 — Proverbs 3:5-6.
  • Crossword — Romans 12:1.
  • The Explorer’s Challenge — Hebrews 4:15.
  • Scrambler — 2 Corinthians 5:21.
  • Hidden letter puzzle — Psalm 107:1.
  • Word search #2 — Romans 1:16.
  • Maze — Psalm 145:9.
  • Drop-word puzzle — Psalm 27:10.
  • Memory verse craft — Galatians 6:2.

I hope this activity bulletin is a blessing to your kids.

Be sure to return every week to get the latest issue for your ministry and church.

Blessings and thank you.

Isaiah 55:10-11.

Photo by Alan Rodriguez on Unsplash.