Posted on : Thursday February 3, 2022

Here is Issue 141 of BIBLE TIME FUN WEEKLY. It is another expanded issue with extra activities.

There are 19 fun Bible verse activities for kids of all ages in this issue.

I hope that including a title box on the top of the first page gives this publication a feeling of purpose and clarifies its mission of celebrating God’s Word, which will not return void (Isaiah 55:10-11).

I am delighted with the coloring pictures. I feel they are very expressive. The girl in prayer nicely illustrates the verse from Proverbs and is appropriate for younger kids. The art for John 3:17 has a border that frames the Scripture like an ancient illuminated page, and older kids (or adults) will appreciate it.

The word search for Philippians 4:6-7 was a lot of work, and I spent hours working it over, redoing it, and changing here and there to make it right. It turned out well and was worth the work.

There is a puzzle I call a grid puzzle, and it is like a crossword puzzle. I spent about 6 hours on it. I hope you enjoy it.

I have wanted to do something on the passage in Jeremiah about the potter and the Lord’s message to Jeremiah for some time now. So this week, there is a find the difference activity that uses two drawings of an ancient potter making a jug on a potter’s wheel. I wonder when you last saw a child’s lesson on the potter in Jeremiah. One of my goals is to cover these less-appreciated passages.

There is a discussion question that directs us to talk about faith in Christ as Savior. Pray that, as you do these activities with your kids, the Spirit of the Lord will give you the wisdom to know what to say about salvation when you come to that question.

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Photo by Alan Rodriguez on Unsplash.