Posted on : Thursday March 31, 2022

I am so glad to offer Issue 149 of BIBLE TIME FUN WEEKLY.

This issue of BIBLE TIME FUN WEEKLY has 19 fun activities, including puzzles, coloring pictures, word searches, and more.

I am delighted by the communication I received from someone who sent me a photo of a child in church poised over the hidden letter puzzle, searching for the letters to the Scripture. It was a very welcome encouragement. We obey God in faith without seeing the many parts of His purpose, and I felt God was declaring His blessing on this project. Thank you.

God leads me to select the verses for each issue. I do not try to develop a theme. Instead, I prayerfully search for Scriptures. Some are favorites, and some are lesser-known and even include the “hard sayings” of the Word. There are three verses about temptation in this issue, several about life choices and devotion to Christ, and a couple are about the Bible. I wonder how God plans to use this little publication to change lives? Eternity will tell.

I think one of my favorite puzzles is the dot-to-dot. I always get stuck on this because I do not want to revive the old worn-out subjects. But a verse on fleeing temptation came to mind, and I had a previous project that I was able to adapt for it.

This issue introduces a new series of memory verse trading card crafts. They have a cleaner design, and there is more space for a larger coloring picture.

I had trouble with the shape-sort puzzle. In the past, I would use a thesaurus to find words, but for this verse, there was not enough variety for all the clue words, so I changed the design to be more like the word drop puzzle. Now it is easier to solve and available to younger students. Let me know what you think.

I pray that the “let’s talk about it” questions enable parents and teachers to have Spirit-led discussions.

I hope your students are enjoying these mini activity magazines. And I pray God’s Word will plant itself in their hearts.

Be sure to return every week to get the latest issue for your ministry and church.

Photo by Alan Rodriguez on Unsplash.