Posted on : Thursday April 28, 2022

It was a busy and tiring week for me and a struggle to put this together for you, but I am glad to do it. There are scriptures about thankfulness and Christian love in this issue, and four of those are ones we use to invite people to Christ. I pray that the Holy Spirit blesses these seeds as they are planted in the hearts of your children.

This issue is full of fun activities. There is a dot-to-dot, a maze, a crossword, several word puzzles, etc. I am genuinely pleased with the dot-to-dot of the boy with the five barley loves and two fish from John 6. The coloring pages turned out nicely. I am thrilled with the pictures of the two priests blowing the trumpets. It is a simple line drawing but has character. Can you find the five differences?

The numbered letter activity for Matthew 7:26-27 was so hard to do on the computer and make it work out correctly. I had to redo it many times.

Almost every activity has a “Let’s talk about it” question. But I couldn’t make room for one or two. Still, there are many to give you opportunities for discussions with children or family members.

You are welcome to visit my coloring pages blog to download many more scripture coloring pages.

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Cover photo: Adobe Images.