Posted on : Thursday April 21, 2022

I am delighted to give you issue 151 of BIBLE TIME FUN WEEKLY!

There are many verses about God’s nearness, comfort, and blessing in this issue; some are commands to love, and a few help us understand the gospel of Christ’s redeeming sacrifice.

I did not have the usual time to work on this issue because I was out of town, but the Lord put together a wonderful mini-magazine despite my absence from the drawing board. Some of the puzzles are heritage pieces from a few years ago, but I gave them some polish and freshening up.

The shape sort puzzle takes a long time to create, so I changed it to a simpler find-the-word and fill-in-the-blank puzzle.

The break-the-code puzzle looks complicated, but it is a simple slip code where all the letters “slip” one over. You might think I didn’t give enough clues, but you only need one clue to solve the puzzle. And many words repeat.

I think the coloring pictures are lovely. I put in tons of hearts and flowers; after all, it is spring, and I felt inspired by the change of the season.

I hope the “Let’s talk about it” questions on each page allow engaging in Spirit-led conversations. Parents can use this mini-magazine at home to have talks with their children.

Be sure to return every week to get the latest issue for your ministry and church.

Cover photo: Adobe Images.