Posted on : Thursday May 5, 2022

Parts of this issue literally took all week to create, and a couple took all week to think up. But I think it looks lovely and that the kids will enjoy the activities, games, and puzzles.

There are 18 activities in this issue. I think my favorite is the code-breaker puzzle. Instead of using letters or numbers to create a code, I used icons. The “Find the Difference in the Pictures” activity was a challenging project to complete. After I scanned it into the computer, it took a lot of tracing and editing. I hope you can find the six differences between the two pictures of Joseph in Pharaoh’s prison.

Of course, it is all packaging to deliver the Lord’s Word engagingly. I hope you can use this tool in your family, church, and ministry.

Almost every activity has a “Let’s talk about it” question. But I couldn’t make room for one or two. Still, there are many to give you opportunities for discussions with children or family members.

You are welcome to visit my coloring pages blog to download many more scripture coloring pages.

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Cover photo: Adobe Images.