Posted on : Thursday July 28, 2022

I am thrilled to bring you issue 165 of BIBLE TIME FUN WEEKLY.

There are 19 exciting activities for all ages. One of my favorites is the “follow the dots.” It looks like a mess until you do it and then it looks beautiful! The verse illustrated is the lilies of the field passage from Matthew 6:28-30.

I had a lot of fun drawing the “find the differences” activity for Matthew 7:24-26 about the man who built his house on the rock. I had to trace the picture many times and then finish it on the computer before I was happy with it.

The first coloring picture is from Mark 1:35. The art is more adult-level with many small areas. I think it would be beautiful if you color it with pencils.

One of the other pictures is ideal for younger artists and has large open letters to fill in.

The code breaker is easy so I didn’t give any clues this week. Well perhaps one  —  (Beware! Spoiler alert!) >>>> Hint: it is a slip code where all the letters slip up a position in the alphabet.

Both word search puzzles were a crazy amount of work, but I’m so glad they turned out well and that I could cram so many words from the verses in them.

The memory verse craft finishes the 1 Corinthians 13 series. If you made the cards, you could use them to memorize and review the chapter. If you missed any, you can search and print past issues.

Almost all activities have an open-ended discussion question so you can have meaningful discussions as you do the activities with your children.

You are welcome to visit my coloring pages blog to download many more scripture coloring pages.

Remember to return weekly to get the latest issue for your ministry and church.

Cover photo: Adobe Images.