Posted on : Thursday August 11, 2022

I am glad to share issue 167 of BIBLE TIME FUN WEEKLY. I hope you are as delighted with it as I am..

Issue 167 has 18 exciting activities for all ages and I am happy with how everything turned out. I am thrilled with the code-breaker activity. It has lots of words and clues, so anyone should be able to solve it.

The word search puzzles are as perfect as I can get them. The coloring pictures offer a lot of variety. Younger artists will like the Psalm 107:9 coloring activity. The 2 Corinthians 12:9 and 1 Corinthians 16:14 have smaller areas that may be fun for older artists.

I am happy with the connect-the-dots activity. It is a simple barn for the parable of the foolish wealthy man from Luke 12. I had to draw it a few times and use the computer a lot to get it right.

The find-the-difference activity always takes a long time, and this was the case but worth it. This one is based on the five sparrows from Jesus’ words in Luke 12:6-7.

The memory verse continues the series for John 1.

You are welcome to visit my coloring pages blog to download many more scripture coloring pages.

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Cover photo: Adobe Images.