Posted on : Thursday August 18, 2022

I am glad to share issue 168 of BIBLE TIME FUN WEEKLY. I hope you are as delighted with it as I am.

I think this is a terrific issue. It is full of activities that will cause your children to engage with God’s word in a fun way.

There are a lot of different scriptures within this issue. I think a few are rarely taught to adults, let alone children. Some are favorites for all of us, like Proverbs 3:5-6, which I used for the word search, and Genesis 1:1, which is used in the hidden letter puzzle. There is a Gospel scripture used in a coloring page, 1 John 5:12.

There are some lesser-known verses like Isaiah 45:5-6 in the code breaker and Psalm 73:25-26, which are used in the shape sort puzzle.

I included a passage to read from Luke, the parable of the tax collector and the Pharisee. It is illustrated by the “find the difference” activity. By the way, I traced the two pictures in the “find the difference” puzzle about eight times before I was happy with it!

I hope the “connect-the-dots” activity is not too difficult. It is a crown for the James 1:12 verse.

The memory verse continues the series for John 1.

The most important part of BIBLE TIME FUN WEEKLY is the discussion questions. Most of the activities have open-ended discussion questions. It is my prayer that parents and teachers will be able to engage kids in spiritual talks as they do the puzzles and activities.

You are welcome to visit my coloring pages blog to download many more scripture coloring pages.

Cover photo: Adobe Images.