Posted on : Thursday April 19, 2018

BALTIMORE–The Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware and The Banquet Network invite you to the 3rd annual special needs and disability conference, “Indispensable: Equipping the Body of Christ to Engage Disability.”

This one-day conference is designed to equip individuals and churches to engage and effectively serve individuals and families with disabilities. We are excited to provide an opportunity for individuals like you and churches like yours to learn from one another and gain skills, vital connections, and the tools we all need to serve people and families dealing with disability. Our passion is to help you and your church more effectively expose people and families effected by disabilities to Jesus Christ and His healing community.


Tom Stolle,
COO and CFO of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware, and father of a child with special needs

Nichole Huggins
Children’s ministry leader, writer, and mother of a child with special needs


To ensure we equip you and your church, we will have 5 breakouts, offered twice during the conference so you don’t have to miss the one you like. See below.

How to take the gospel to people with disabilities
How to make your church an accessible place for people with disabilities
How pastors can effectively lead their churches to engage disability
How your church can design and start a children’s ministry for kids with disabilities
How you and your church can support parents and families who are dealing with disabilities
For more information visit:

APRIL 28, 2018; 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

$25, includes lunch

Registration deadline:
April 28

Freedom Baptist Church
15310 Hazelwood Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21206

For more information, contact The Banquet Network,