Posted on : Monday December 6, 2010

By Bob Simpson, BCM/D Associate Executive Director, COO and Editor of BaptistLIFE

Bob Simpson

This marks the 10th time that I have written a “Perspective” during the Christmas holiday season. Milestones can often be very meaningful. (I am at the age that I am now marking milestones by multiple 20-year increments). Ten years as your Editor is both humbling and motivating. Humbling, in that I have always remembered my days as a young boy and teenager growing up in a pastor’s home in Maryland. I remember Gene Puckett who was the editor of the “The Maryland Baptist” (then the name of BaptistLIFE). I remember the influence in my life of Roy Gresham, the executive director at that time. Dr. Gresham preached my ordination sermon and years later the funeral service for my mom. I have thoroughly enjoyed my tenure as the Editor of BaptistLIFE. Especially because I know I am standing on the shoulders of these great leaders and many others as well. In my wildest imagination at the time, I could never have imagined serving the same paper and organization that they did.

I am also humbled by the many kind words and helpful feedback from so many Maryland/Delaware Baptists over these many years. Often those words of encouragement came at a specific time that I needed them the most. You are a thoughtful and caring people!
I am still so motivated to achieve excellence in the ministry and communication efforts of BaptistLIFE. While there are many challenges and changes that face us in the future, I still believe that there is a vital role in communicating all God is doing among us and through us as Maryland/Delaware Baptists.

I know it is not the only tool in the toolbox, but it continues to be one of the more significant ones.

Finally, I continue to be motivated (and blessed) by the greatest newspaper staff anywhere! I am daily indebted to the wonderful and skillful work of the rest of your BaptistLIFE staff. They are Iris White, Shannon Baker, Sharon Mager and Lauren Rodriquez. While I carry the title of “Editor,” it is these colleagues that do the work. They are without equivocation the best at what they do. The fact that we all work together as great friends just makes it even better!

This Christmas I want to say a heartfelt thank you for giving me the privilege of serving BCM/D at this pivotal time in history. I hope that you have a blessed and wonderful Christmas season and a very happy 2011!