Posted on : Sunday March 1, 2009

By Joni Hannigan, Managing Editor of Florida Baptist Witness

Readers will experience a roller-coaster of emotions while Todd Starnes delivers truisms that take them from the family dinner table to the streets of New York. Avoiding slap-stick humor in exchange for truth, which can be stranger than fiction, Starnes takes those who won’t be able to put down the book — with him on a vivid journey where he reaches to the bottom of his soul for answers. And when he comes up chuckling through it all, readers, both through smiles and tears, will have connected in a profound way with a storyteller who has found his voice.

I laughed, I cried, but mostly, I could relate though I’m not a man, not a runner, haven’t ever lived in New York, don’t eat pork rinds, and haven’t had heart surgery. On the other hand, I have lost a parent, I do care about interfaith relations, I struggle with weight issues and I love Jesus Christ and daily experience His grace and mercy in my life. Readers will find something with which they can relate whatever their experience.

Todd Starnes is a news anchor and reporter for Fox News Radio.