Julia Donahaw

September 7, 2016

Julia Donahaw was hired as a city missionary in 1906.  Donahaw served thirty-nine years. She is most closely associated with supervision of the Canton Mission which opened in 1908. Begun at the initiation of Pastor John R. Straton of Seventh Baptist as a ministry to immigrants of all nationalities, the Canton Missionwas one of the first, most productive, and longest lasting of Baltimore Baptists’ social ministries. Hundreds of women and children of many nationalities came to love her and to learn of Jesus Christ through her example and teaching.

Miss Donahaw was one of nine women selected for training in connection with City Mission Work. This training school opened in March 1905 with six men serving on the first faculty. Each women received free tuition in the school, $20 salary per month, and carfare. Donahaw gave four hours each day to actual missionary work, one hour to recitation work and one hour to consultation work with the preceptress.

Donahaw engaged in house-to-house visitation, personal work, visiting the sick, tent and street meetings, held cottage prayer meetings and attended upon the services of the church in whose district they were employed.

Material used in this biography was taken from:
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