The Officers of this Convention will be a President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Corporate Secretary, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and an Assistant Recording Secretary.

All but the Corporate Secretary and Treasurer will be elected at each Annual Meeting by a majority of the duly elected messengers present and voting, and will hold office until their successors are elected and installed. Employees of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware are ineligible to serve as officers of this Convention with the exception of the Executive Director who will serve as Corporate Secretary and the Director of Finance who will serve as Treasurer.

Nominations will be from the floor. Election will be by ballot except where there is a single nominee for an office. In the latter case, the President will instruct the Secretary to cast a unanimous ballot for the nominee.

Officers will serve for one (1) year and hold office until their successors are elected and qualified; however, the President and Vice Presidents may not serve more than two (2) complete successive terms in office. Terms of office will commence at final adjournment of the Annual Meeting in session at the time of their election and terminate in the final adjournment of the succeeding regular session of the Annual Meeting. In case of death, disability of, or other cause making necessary the retirement of the President, the Vice Presidents will succeed in order. The General Mission Board will determine when an office is vacant due to the disability of an incumbent.

The President will preside over the deliberations of the Annual Meeting and will perform other duties as may be customary to the position or as determined in the Bylaws, and will become an ex officio member of all Convention committees and boards. The President will continue as ex officio member of the General Mission Board for one full year immediately following tenure as President of this Convention unless elected to fill a vacancy in the regular membership of the Board.

The Vice President may, in the absence of the President or when requested by the President, preside over the Annual Meeting and will perform other duties as may be provided in the Bylaws or as requested by the President.

The Secretary will keep accurate minutes of all sessions of this Convention and will cause these to be published in suitable form in the Annual of this Convention together with other information as this Convention or the General Mission Board of this Convention deems necessary and proper.

The President will be authorized to sign legal papers for the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware, Inc. If unable to do so, the First Vice President or the Second Vice President will be so authorized.

Should the President and Vice Presidents be unable to serve, the duties of the President will devolve upon the President of the General Mission Board until said Board will elect an interim President.

Current Officers of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware:

Glenn Swanson, senior pastor of Bayside Baptist Church in Chesapeake Beach, Md.

First Vice President:
Jim Testerman, senior pastor of Oak Grove Baptist Church in Bel Air, Md.

Second Vice President:
Vernon Lattimore, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Mt. Rainier, Md.

Recording Secretary:
Stephanie Lefarriere, member of The Garden Church, Baltimore, Md.

Assistant Recording Secretary:
Mike Fillis, senior pastor of Fenwick Island Baptist Church, Selbyville, Del.