Rosalie Chesley serves as the assistant to Executive Director Kevin Smith. In her position, Chesley coordinates meetings, handles daily executive office responsibilities, assists the communications team, and helps with special projects.

Chesley grew up in Kingsville, Md. She attended Stevenson University, intending to pursue nursing, but later changed her major to business communication. Working in the university office while taking classes, Chesley enjoyed the environment and the administrative duties, especially working in the education sector. Following graduation, she accepted an office management position and grew in her skills.

Though comfortable in her job, God had other plans, and he used specific experiences to guide her to an open door serving with the BCM/D.

She is thankful and thrilled at the new opportunities. “He has given me a position directly related to serving people and spreading the Gospel,” she said.

When not in her professional business role, Chesley plays harp, piano, and the bowed psaltery. She performs with informal groups and at special events such as Christmas services and women’s retreats. She also enjoys reading, cooking, and being outside walking or biking.