Posted on : Wednesday May 21, 2014
Adron Dozat

Adron Dozat

By Sharon Mager, BCM/D Correspondent

COLUMBIA, Md—The Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware welcomed Adron Dozat as the new facility support services specialist on March 31. Dozat oversees the mail room, purchases supplies, processes printing material as well as providing other support as needed.

“When people meet me the first thing they say is, ‘That is an interesting name, where did it come from?’” Dozat says. “My father was from Louisiana where the Cajun language is spoken, and ‘Adron’ is a common name in the parish he was from. Next people ask, ‘Oh, do you go back to Louisiana very often?’ I answer, ‘No, I have never been.’”

Dozat’s father was struck and killed by a speeding automobile. His mother sought peace and began attending “spiritual meetings” to communicate with his spirit.

“I followed my mother’s example and delved into the occult, the mystical, and eastern religions; her journey into darkness became mine.

“When I was fourteen we moved to another part of town where I began a new school. I soon found others who were involved in the occult met in the school library after classes to discuss higher enlightenment and explore pagan religions. During that time I sought deeper and darker depths of experience in my own version of pagan faith and performed rites and prayers to the Druid god and goddess of what people now call Wicca.”

It was while working in the school library to earn extra credit that Dozat developed a friendship with “Steve,” who was a Christian.

“Every day after school the pagans and occult group were exposed to a Gospel testimony without words as Steve lived a life of love and acceptance in front of us.

“One day walking home I saw Steve was ahead of me. I caught up to him and we walked all the way to my home and then Steve went two blocks to his home.  Daily we walked and talked about all the things important to 15-year-old boys. Steve answered questions and shared his faith in Jesus.

“Because Steve had something, I began to read the Bible every day, as part of my ritual of prayer, mantra chant, and meditation. It became clear to me that Jesus lived the most beautiful life ever lived.

“I accepted Steve’s invitation to go to church. I was warmly greeted by a long-haired Jesus Freak (things were radical back in 1972). The warmth and acceptance spoke to me.”

Though Dozat struggled with his faith, the Holy Spirit began to work in his heart.

“The Bible began to bother me; I knew I couldn’t argue with Jesus. I was looking for truth and Jesus said He was truth. I worried at the statement that, “He who does not have the son does not have life but the wrath of God rest upon him” (John 3:36).

“One night I turned on the radio and heard threats from America’s enemies; the Soviet Union, Cuba, and China were condemning the war’s expansion to Cambodia and threatened retaliation. I thought, ‘What if they start a nuclear war?’ I lived south of the Oakland Army Depot, near the Alameda Naval Base, west of Satcom radar installations, north of Moffett Air Field. This was ground zero, the optimum target point for destruction with maximum effect.  I thought, ‘If World War III starts tonight, they will drop a nuclear bomb right here and I will go into eternity without Jesus?’ A long unending darkness stretched before me- but the worst was that it was void of Jesus. I knew I was a sinner and needed to be saved but what I wanted was Jesus. Satan fought to the end with suggestions that if I became a Christian I will have to do something hard. ‘It would be worth it,’ I said, and beside my bed that night I prayed receiving Jesus as my Savor.

“Since that time I have welcomed many opportunities to serve my Lord. I have set up chairs for Communion, served as a deacon, I have cleaned the church building, pulled weeds, and went door to door with the gospel. I have taught many studies, preached at the Open Door Mission in Oakland, Calif., regularly and served on the board of directors. I have taught children’s Sunday school and adults’ classes and AWANA club.

“The last few years I have focused on family. God has given me and my wife, Carolyn, four wonderful kids, one has Asperger’s, two are in college, and one is a junior in high school.

‘I am now humble to be honored with the gift of serving at the BCM/D.”

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