Posted on : Thursday October 15, 2020

By Sharon Mager

Alejandro Molero joined the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware (BCM/D) staff as a church planting catalyst on Oct. 1. Molero, who planted and now pastors Iglesia Biblica Sublime Gracia, will work primarily with Hispanic churches and planters.

He is now busy getting to know Hispanic pastors and leaders throughout the convention.

In his new role, he is praying for three things:

  • To recover the sense of family in existing BCM/D churches. We belong together and can count on each other,” he said.
  • To see more churches planted by BCM/D church members or others interested in the BCM/D.
  • To see churches become healthier, bear witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and treasure Him above everything and everyone else this side of heaven.

Alejandro Molero joined the BCM/D staff as a church planting catalyst on October 1.

Molero, sharing his spiritual journey, said, I surrendered to my Lord on November 8, 1986 – a long time ago.” He chuckled as he shared, I came to faith after my mom spanked me.” The spanking occurred after attending a church service at the family’s small church in Venezuela. The pastor had preached on heaven and hell. Molero’s remorse for his childhood offense caused him to question his soul’s eternal destiny. He began to fear dying and going to hell. I repented of my sin, came to the cross, and asked for mercy for my soul,” he said. That experience stays with him. Heaven and hell are major points every time I preach,” he added.

After his confession of faith, Molero began reading his Bible and getting involved in church life. As a teen, he began to help missionaries organize events and camps and later worked with the missionaries as they went out. He became involved in youth ministry, first leading the church’s youth, then becoming a citywide youth leader, and eventually a statewide youth leader. He served as a youth movement president in five states in the eastern region of Venezuela.

Molero was ordained to the ministry in 2002 in Barcelona and pastored Metro Bible Church. In 2013, he received a bachelor’s degree from Instituto Biblical Las Delicias, and in addition to pastoring, he taught hermeneutics and apologetics at the college.

In 2016, Restoration Church in Washington, D.C., called him to plant a Spanish-speaking church. In 2018, he started Iglesia Biblica Sublime Gracia. The church currently has 29 covenanted members and the North American Mission Board has endorsed him as a missionary.

Molero and his wife Maribi have two children: Rebecca, 21, and Benjamin, 18.

We are thankful to have Alejandro serving in this capacity in Maryland and Delaware.

Cover photo submitted by Alejandro Molero