Posted on : Monday February 2, 2009

By Sharon Mager, BCM/D Correspondent

COLUMBIA, Md.—Bill Viel’s book, ARK Ministry, (ARK is an acronym for acts of random kindness), is an inspirational resource book that has the reader saying to himself, “Why didn’t I think of that!” Viel pours himself into this book, diving into the deep reservoirs of his vast experience to bring out the best of the best of proven ministry ideas and application. He guides the reader, step-by-step, sharing the idea, target, location, supplies, link cards, benefits and more. There are literally thousands of ideas sure to spark anyone’s imagination.

Ark Ministry by Bill Viel

Ark Ministry by Bill Viel

ARK Ministry is Viel’s legacy project. He is the founder and was the Executive Director of Inner Harbor Ministries. Viel pastored for 25 years and has done outreach education in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Haiti, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Croix, and Lake Tahoe. He’s planted churches in Maryland and Ukraine. Viel has also written for denominational and non-denominational periodicals. He and his wife, Linda, wrote and designed a ministry outreach that was later published as the Homebound Bible Study edited by the SBC Baptist Sunday School Board (now LifeWay).

Viel’s passion is palpable when he talks about this book, and that passion seeps through the pages. This is a book that will be used again and again to step “outside of the box” to win souls to the kingdom.

The book is intentionally presented in a D-ring presentation binder for easier handling. It is available without the binder also.

To purchase, contact Bill Viel, at [email protected] or call (252) 200-4212.