Posted on : Wednesday September 1, 2010

By Shannon Baker, BCM/D National Correspondent

SILVER SPRING, Md.—Asian churches in the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware are invited to a special Concert of Prayer on Sept. 12, 6-9 p.m.  at Hanuri Korean Church, 800 Randolph Road in Silver Spring, Md.

Organizer Robert Kim, BCM/D missionary for language churches and Asian coordinator for church planting/evangelism, shared that participants will spend three hours in worship and prayer in a special effort to strengthen prayer in the churches, both corporately and individually.

Last September, twenty-five Asian Baptist churches and approximately 200 attendees participated in the inaugural Asian Concert of Prayer.

“The entire time was infused with powerful praising and praying aloud in four different languages, including Korean, Chinese, Filipino and Vietnamese, with English sub-titles available,” shared Kim, noting that the night of prayer was much like the Pentecostal scene in Acts 2, where people from different cultures and linguistic backgrounds gathered to pray.

This year’s evening of prayer will have the same format. It will begin with worship, led by the worship team from Higher Connection Church in Silver Spring, followed by three 20-minute segments in which pastors will pray in their native languages. English subtitles will be displayed on big screens.

Participants will gather in their people groups to pray as the Korean, Chinese, English, Filipino and Vietnamese leaders direct prayer on the topics of spiritual awakening, church growth, church planting, community response to the Gospel and global mission, among others. Each people group will also focus on their own specific needs.

In the final session, an English congregation pastor will lead prayer as three or four people from each people group gather together to pray for one another in their own language.

The evening will conclude with a time of fellowship.

“I want to see prayer happening all around us,” Kim said, adding that he hopes that the Concert of Prayer will allow the different Asian church leaders to see the power of prayer and to be motivated to include more prayer in their own churches.

“But there won’t be a lot of talk during this time,” Kim stressed, “just a lot of prayer.”

Registration begins at 5:30 p.m. Childcare will be provided. For more information, contact Kim at (800) 290-4290, ext. 228 or by email at [email protected].