Posted on : Thursday June 7, 2018

Syrians make a line as they are slowly processed and allowed to cross from Greece into Macedonia. The border remains closed for all other people. IMB Photo

By Jeff Palmer

Imagine having to flee your home because of armed conflict, human rights violations, or a devastating disaster. Imagine that you must make the heart-breaking choice to flee your hometown, even though you want to stay. This is the plight of millions of refugees today.

On June 20 people around the globe will celebrate World Refugee Day. We invite you to join us as we share stories about refugees and offer information on how people like you can help them.

Will you join us? Check out these resources that might inspire your church, friends, and family to care for refugees:

30 Days of Prayer for Refugees:
Use this prayer guide to lift up refugees with your family or small group.

Abella’s Story: bulletin insert and full-page printout
This handout includes a story about a refugee, Abella, and five ways you can help other displaced people.

The Refugee Crisis: bulletin insert and full-page printout
This insert features a brief overview of the refugee crisis and three specific ways to relieve physical needs through giving. You can hand it out at church or print pages for your small group!

Refugee Video List:
World Refugee Day (shown above)
“Remember Refugees” (corresponds with Abella’s story)
David Platt on Iraq

BGR Blogs About Refugees:
Share these blog posts on social media or send them to friends who want more information. New posts about refugees will be released throughout June.

Jeff Palmer is CEO of Baptist Global Response