Maryland/Delaware Roundup August 18, 2022
“Although I am free from all and not anyone’s slave, I have made myself a slave to everyone, in order
Michael Crawford Responds to Roe vs Wade Decision
The Knock – A Memorial Day Remembrance
On the evening of July 22, 2006, I received a telephone call from my sister-in-law Kelly saying that two soldiers
A History Yet to be Written
One Thanksgiving in the late 80s, when I was in high school, our family decided to spend the day out
April Reflections from BCM/D President Glenn Swanson
As His ambassadors, there is no higher calling for the Christ-follower than to represent the King of Kings and Lord of Lords with excellence.
Are You In Touch With Your Community?
Too many churches are implementing “strategies” that have little to no connection to their community. This is because too many churches are completely out of touch with their surrounding community.
Ukrainian Christians Find Solace with Polish Baptists
Pastor Henryk Skrzypkowski and members of CBC opened the Christian Transit Center (CTC) for Ukrainian refugees and have received more than 2,000 refugees. The center has beds for 200 people, and their registration desk and kitchen are open 24 hours.
Racial Reconciliation: God Bind Us Together
The ministry of reconciliation is a key characteristic of God’s nature, as He has reconciled His creation to Himself.
February Reflections from BCM/D President Glenn Swanson
We are called to be “salt shakers” and “light makers.”
Number Your Days for Wisdom
As we make our plans for the next twelve months, it is wise to take time to evaluate the driving forces behind our priorities and decisions.
You Are Not Alone
When the Son of God came to earth two thousand years ago, He was fully God, but He was also fully human. With this reality came all the experiences of what it means to be human—the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Advent 2021: Love
The event that triggered this time of festive activity was ultimately one of sacrifice.