Michael Crawford Responds to Roe vs Wade Decision
Dominic Henry Fills New Role as BCM/D’s Media Specialist
COLUMBIA, Md. — Dominic Henry serves as the BCM/D’s media specialist to capture the work of the church body and
Michael Crawford & Kris Buckman: What Happened at SBC Anaheim?
BCM/D Executive Director Michael Crawford and Kris Buckman, who serves on the BCM/D’s Sexual Abuse Taskforce, shared an update from
Revisiting a Summer Classic at Camp Wo-Me-To
Footloose, Ghostbusters, and The Karate Kid… all of these movies made the top ten list of 1984. Also, all of
Including Children with Disabilities in Your Ministry
It’s ok to do something small. But everyone needs to do something. At the “Every Child Belongs” special needs conference
Prayer Desperately Needed for Russian Churches
As necessary sanctions rise to halt the efforts of the Russian regime, it’s the people of Russia, rather than government leaders, who are feeling the most pain right now. The price of milk has risen five or six times what it was weeks ago. Car parts are scarce, and most flights are unavailable. Still, the churches are doing what they can to help Ukrainian refugees who have fled to Russia.
Special Needs: The Church’s Solution for Loneliness
God has designed the church to be the remedy to the isolation and separation that is proliferating in our generation and He has made you and I the solution to loneliness. You are the answer to the loneliness of those with disability.
Ukrainian Christians Find Solace with Polish Baptists
Pastor Henryk Skrzypkowski and members of CBC opened the Christian Transit Center (CTC) for Ukrainian refugees and have received more than 2,000 refugees. The center has beds for 200 people, and their registration desk and kitchen are open 24 hours.
Praying for Ukraine
You can help! There is extraordinary power in prayer. Here are ten ways you can pray for the Ukraine crisis.
Maryland/Delaware Roundup, Feb. 17, 2022
BCM/D churches celebrate major milestones, a pastor retires, and local and international outreach continues.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from your friends at the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware!
SBC President Addresses Maryland/Delaware Pastors
MIDDLETOWN, Md. — Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) President Dr. Ed Litton and his wife, Kathy, enjoyed breakfast at Skycroft Conference