Posted on : Monday May 26, 2014
Prayer is always a part of the outreach of New Beginnings Christian Fellowship Church, Elkton, Md.

Prayer is always a part of the outreach of New Beginnings Christian Fellowship Church, Elkton, Md.

By Sharon Mager, BCM/D Correspondent

COLUMBIA, Md.—David Jackson, Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware church multiplication team strategist, said 2014 has been the best year ever in church multiplication, averaging close to two new planting projects per week.

“We have seen more church plants by May 1 than at any time in remembered history,” Jackson said at the May 6 Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware General Mission Board meeting at the Baptist Mission Resource Center. There are currently 45 new work projects underway within the convention, located in nine associations and the District of Columbia. They include efforts among Africans, African-Americans, Anglo-Americans, Chinese, East Indians, Hispanics, Koreans and Mongolians. Jackson said there are hopes to begin planting an Egyptian Arabic church by the year’s end.

In addition to the number of plants, those attending are experiencing spiritual growth. Pastor Phil Meekins, at New Beginning Christian Fellowship Church reported God moving through one family unit and the church seeing 14 in the family saved. LifeHouse Church in Middletown, Del., reported close to 1,200 at their Easter service. SonRise Church in Berlin had over 800 at Easter. Five thousand people showed up for an Easter egg outreach at The Rock Church, Newark, Del. Redemption Church, Arnold, has had regular weekly attendance of over 100 and has seen three dozen new believers. First Baptist Church of Delaware in New Castle, started three church plants and Gallery Church, Baltimore is starting its fourth.

In addition, Jackson said all of the current planters have been trained in the “Love Your Neighbor, Share Christ,” evangelism strategy.

“If we keep up this pace we’re at now, we are going to see 25 saved new believers per church plant across the convention this year,” Jackson said.

“It’s hard to keep up. We talk about moving at the speed of God. Pray that we keep up, not to fall behind or get ahead.”

John Gauger, pastor of First Baptist Church, Perryville, prayed for Jackson and the multiplication team, asking God to continue to bless the work of Jackson, his team, the planters and their churches.