Posted on : Tuesday October 9, 2012

By Shannon Baker, BCM/D National Correspondent

COLUMBIA, Md.—Growing needs in the midst of fewer and duplication of resources have motivated changes in the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware’s focus.

Moving forward, the BCM/D will intentionally focus on three key areas—Church Wellness, Church Multiplication, and Acts 1:8 Evangelism and Missions.

Church Wellness Center
“Multiple lists exist that describe the characteristics of a healthy church,” Lee shared. Among the key characteristics on Lee’s list are the following:

•    A clear and compelling Great Commission vision
•    Healthy ministers with healthy families
•    An intentional and effective Great Commission strategy
•    A missional mindset that compels members to reach beyond the walls of the church building and results in evangelism
•    Healthy and workable systems and structures
•    An authentic community where members can find love and nurture
•    An effective process for helping disciples grow in Christ
•    The capacity and vision to reproduce itself
•    Meaningful worship
•    A healthy system for making decisions and managing change and conflict

“Although other components could be added to the list, these are the areas where we feel we can make the most impact for promoting church wellness,” Lee said.

Church Multiplication Center
“Our church multiplication system is being used as a model for church planting across North America,” Lee said, noting the exponential growth in this area is outstripping resources. “We believe that giving priority to helping healthy churches plant healthy churches is critical to reaching our area for Christ.”

Acts 1:8 Missions and Evangelism Center
“Acts 1:8 is still the missions map for every church. We want to come alongside churches and help them more effectively share the gospel in their communities,” Lee said. “We want to assist them as they connect and partner in reaching our multi-state region, our nation, and our world for Christ.”

Lee said the BCM/D will continue to connect churches to the resources available from other churches who are also seeking to be Acts 1:8 churches and who desire to focus their resources in the Mid-Atlantic region; in addition to national SBC resources that can assist BCM/D churches’ Great Commission efforts.

“We feel these adjustments will help us be even more intentional and effective in reaching Maryland/Delaware and our world for Jesus Christ,” he said.