Posted on : Friday December 7, 2012

By Sharon Mager, BCM/D Correspondent

ELLICOTT CITY, MD—Bethany Lane Baptist Church will present “Outcast,” a Christmas musical, on Dec. 7-9 at the church at 3030 Bethany Lane. The program is written and directed by Sherrie McKay, Bethany Baptist Church’s music minister.

The show is based on the Christmas story from the shepherds’ perspective.

Shepherds were the first century outcasts, McKay explained, “yet, they were the first people to whom God chose to announce the birth of his son.”

We too are outcasts, McKay said. “Even though we don’t deserve Jesus Christ, God freely gives Hm to us and we experience freedom and redemption,” she said.

“The bottom line message is that there’s hope for every outcast,” McKay said.

McKay said there’s not a lot of information in the Bible about the shepherds, but there is a lot known about the culture at that time from other historical information.

The show features a mix of fun and dramatic characters,  special effects and original costumes, a full orchestra, an adult choir and a dance and drama troop.

Music, some original, is being provided by the Oakland Mills string orchestra directed by Philip Hales. McKay said she is excited that Hales is directing the music this year. It gives her a chance to be in the play. She will portray Ruth, a shepherd’s wife.

The partnership with Oakland Mills has been great, McKay said. The school provides the musicians, who are from a variety of different cultures and religions backgrounds. They, and often their parents and friends, attend the performances. The church makes a contribution to the school to help with the costs of the music program.

McKay stresses that the Gospel is presented above all at all of the church’s productions.

“This is more than a play with warm ‘fuzzies’ about a baby being born. It’s the Gospel message, which is Jesus dying for our sins and being raised from the dead,” she said.