Posted on : Monday July 4, 2011


Ken Stalls, BCM/D President and Pastor of South End Baptist Church, Frederick, Md.

By Ken Stalls, BCM/D President and Pastor of South End Church, Frederick, Md.

The recent news of the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden brought a myriad of responses. One of the most common was a sense of relief, even if very temporary, for those who have most feared the next terrorist attack. The amazing thing is the amount of argument that this man’s killing has stirred up among members of God’s Church. Some went on to the point of rejoicing this man’s death, while others questioned our country being in the “business of murder.” With the abundance of heat that we have experienced this summer, the last thing that I want to do is to stir up more arguing.

Recently, I received one of those floating emails that dealt with this subject in an entirely different light. I tried my best to track down the author, but no one was willing to take either the credit or the blame. I hope you are blessed and, possibly, even amused by this rendering. So, here goes.

APB (All Pastors Beware) Beware of Terrorist Groups in the Church
Even while many Church members have been breathing a sigh of relief at the news that Osama Bin Laden will no longer be a threat to the peace and serenity of our country, a new threat or series of threats have arisen. Latest news reports indicate that there are five terrorist cell groups who begun operations in some of our churches. They have been identified by their leaders. They are the group headed by Ivah Bin Sleeping, Weesah Bin Arguin, Thase Bin Fitin, Wezall Bin Complainin and the most populous group headed by Sum Bodiz Bin Missin.

Their ringleader is the most cruel terrorist of all, Lucifer Bin Workin. He has trained these groups to destroy the Body of Christ. His plan is to come into the Church disguised as Christians and to work within the Church to discourage, disrupt and to destroy.

However, there have been reports of a sixth group. A tiny cell known by the name Weevah Bin Prayin is actually the only effective counter terrorism force in the world. Unlike other terrorist cells, the Bin Prayin team does not blend in with or run away in fear when these other five groups appear.

The Bin Prayin team does whatever is needed to uplift and encourage the Body of Christ. It has been observed that the Bin Prayin cell group has far different characteristics as compared to the other groups previously mentioned. Perhaps you have heard of some of the families that populate this Bin Prayin group. They include the Bin Watchins, the Bin Waitins, the Bin Fastins, The Bin ReadindaWord family. They say they are determined to be faithfully laboring and if need be, fighting those terrorists until their Supreme Leader returns. His name is Jesus Christ.

No Church is Exempt from these groups.
(However, you will know them by their fruits, if U Bin Lookin and U Bin Goin)

Have a blessed July and remember, WATCH OUT!