Posted on : Thursday September 30, 2021


The BIBLE TIME FUN WEEKLY Special Autumn Celebration Issue!

This is an outreach and evangelism tool to add to your holiday celebrations.

It is a MEGA issue with four double-sided pages and 17 activities. There are no goblins or ghosts or anything scary. Instead, it is full of Bible verses about Thanksgiving, autumn, harvest, and most importantly — JESUS.

While it is fun, it will engage others with the Word of God and plant the seed of the gospel.

One section is blank, so you can write a message or stamp your organization’s information.

Use this BIBLE TIME FUN WEEKLY Special Autumn Celebration Issue for your outreach events.

  • Give it out at trunk or treat events.
  • Share it at harvest parties.
  • Make it available to families at Thanksgiving potlucks.
  • Put it in “Thank you for coming” gift bags when you host seasonal socials, like corn mazes, hayrides, apple picking, youth outreach, and other evangelistic or outreach events.
  • Give it to kids who are trick or treating.
  • Include it in goody bags at parties.
  • Have it available to families at Thanksgiving.
  • Give it out with meals to people who are homeless or are confined.
  • Remember the kids who came to VBS? Mail it to them and keep the contact warm and water the seed planted during the summer.

It will be another valuable part of your outreach and evangelism for the season.

When I was 14, someone gave me a little gospel booklet called the Four Spiritual Laws. It clearly explained the gospel, and it was part of the path the Lord led me down to where I received him as Savior and Lord. I am proof that gospel literature can change eternity by bringing souls to Jesus Christ.

Mr. Dozat’s insight for this issue of BIBLE TIME FUN!

Here is another exciting issue of BIBLE TIME FUN WEEKLY — Issue 123 — for your ministry.

I am very, very happy with this issue. The most exciting moment of my week is when I launch another issue because I know God is blessing this. This issue has many great verses and activities for kids of all ages. And a couple that will keep moms busy too!

I hope you know the names of the twelve apostles (after all, it is kindergarten Bible class stuff) because there is a quiz in this issue. It lists 18 names, but a few are not apostles; they are tribes. I hope you can get them all correct!

This issue has a lot of fun stuff. Most activities have a “let’s talk about it” question as an open-ended opportunity to have a Spirit-led conversation.

Issue 123 contains the following:

  • Fun Quiz – the twelve Apostles.
  • Coloring page #1 – 1 Samuel 3:9, the “Speak, Lord,” Bible verse.
  • Shape-sort puzzle – Ephesians 6:14-18, the “armor of faith” verse.
  • Codebreaker – Hebrews 1:12.
  • Word search – Philippians 2:14.
  • Coloring page #2 – John 10:9.
  • Crossword – Proverbs 3:1-2.
  • The Explorer’s Challenge – Romans 5:8, a mini-Bible study.
  • Scrambler – Romans 10:17.
  • Find the hidden letters – Romans 10:13.
  • Large-letter word search – Matthew 5:43-45.
  • Mega maze – Luke 12:34.
  • Drop-word puzzle – Mark 10:27.
  • Memory verse card craft – Acts 13:31.

So, there are 14 activities in this issue!

I hope you are blessed by this activity bulletin.

Photo by Alan Rodriguez on Unsplash.