Posted on : Thursday April 8, 2021

Adron Dozat, who serves as the facilities support specialist for the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware, is also an artist. In addition to murals and other artwork, Adron designs Christian coloring/game pages. Here are some free activity sheets you can use now at home or church.

A Word from the Artist

I was in the 3rd grade when I painted a picture of an orchard; it was my first “A” in art. I did not always get good grades in art or always create the best pictures, but I kept on painting. Then, after years of making art, my pictures started to sell and I began to be an artist — because I didn’t give up.

It is sad when someone gives up on something important after a few attempts, or after a short time. Maybe they quit because it takes too much practice, or it requires sacrifice, or it takes too long.

How would you feel if someone gave up on something, but that something was you?  What if you were about to give them something wonderful, but they gave up on being your friend before you could give it to them?

Some people feel that if they haven’t met God the way they thought they should, or the way they wanted, then they should just give up.

We must never give up looking for God. That is why I wanted to draw a coloring picture for the verse about finding God in Jeremiah 29:13. God was gracious to me and let me find Him almost 50 years ago, and He wants you to find Him too.

Maybe you are not sure you can find God, or maybe you tried and it seemed phony, or an act or it was about something others wanted you to do. Do not give up because God makes the promise that you will find Him when you look for Him with all your heart.


A. E. Dozat