Posted on : Monday January 14, 2013

By Robert Anderson, BCM/D President and Pastor of Colonial Baptist Church


Robert Anderson, BCM/D President and Pastor of Colonial Baptist Church

Same old world but brand new year! The world was supposed to end last year on the December 21, 2012, but it didn’t. Wrong again! When will we learn that the Scripture is our final authority, and it states “Now concerning that day and hour no one knows–neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son–except the Father only” (Mt 24: 36).

Christians should know by now not to get caught up in all the false declarations of the end of the world. The same old world is still in operation, same old worldly philosophy, same old worldly values, same old worldly hopes and dreams. Same old debts, crimes, immorality, sin and shame. Depressed yet? Well be of good cheer because this is a new year! The Lord has given us more time to shine the light of Christ in this old world.

The church of Christ is the hope for the world today…and that is us! We are the salt and the light of the world right here from out of Maryland/Delaware. We shine the light of Christ through our personal and corporate evangelism, through our ministries of mercy (disaster relief; hunger fund, church planting, port ministries and collegiate ministries, etc.)

Yes, it is the same old world, but we have a brand new year to practice Christ’s love and compassion to others. The Lord Jesus stated that “If I am lifted up from the earth I will draw all people to Myself” (John 12:32).

While the return of our Lord and the end of the world is known only to the Father, and in fact, the end is closer now than ever before, these things should not be primary focus. We have been given the great commandment to love one other deeply, and the great commission to take Christ to the “same old world” and prepare people for the new world to come when Christ shall indeed return and reign on the earth. Therefore, let us work together to make this year a banner year for the kingdom of our Lord. Amen.