Posted on : Monday November 26, 2012

By Sharon Mager, BCM/D Correspondent

SILVER SPRING, Md.—Paul Mulani, senior pastor of Disciples Fellowship International Church in Silver Spring, says that before we can truly know how to be a parent we must remember that our spiritual condition influences everything.

“How we are spiritually will, to a great extent, determine how our seed or descendants will be,” Mulani writes. He reflects on the parenthood of Samuel and of Abraham. Mulani writes about Isaac’s love, obedience and trust in Abraham and of Abraham’s delight in obeying God.

The book covers the biblical view of children, prayer for and blessing our children and teaching them both non-verbally and verbally.

Throughout the book, Mulani strongly emphasizes the need to pray for our children—that God protects them from Satan. Mulani calls for travailing in prayer, crying out in our spirit to God in prayer and at times, fasting.

Mulani’s book is not a typical parents’ self-help book. The material isn’t simplistic.  The scripture references bring tremendous depth the the writing. This book is for parents who truly want to see God move in the lives of their families and for God to bring revival to their homes.

The book is available on for $13.25 or the Kindle version for $8.99.