Posted on : Monday August 20, 2012

Your church can help Christian Jail Ministry. For more information, see the CJM website: or call (410) 997-0253

Christian Jail Ministry is dealing with a great problem. More inmates want to attend chapel than the chapel area can hold. Average attendance has grown from 50 in January to 75 in April. CJM responded to that need by offering an additional worship service from 9-10:30 am. The principal speaker in those services initially will be the Rev. Jerry Hoots, a retired BCM/D pastor. There is a big need for churches to step forward and help lead services as well as funding.

How can your church help?

•  Pray for CJM, its chaplains, volunteers and for the inmates
•  CJM would like to have churches volunteer to receive inmates
•  Volunteer to provide a worship service
•  Individuals can volunteer to help with Bible studies or one-on-one discipleship
•  Help with administrative tasks
•  Give to fund the program

For more information, see the CJM website: or call (410) 997-0253.