Posted on : Thursday July 19, 2018

By Sharon Mager

BOWIE, Md.—Cresthill Baptist Church will welcome 17-year-old Christopher Duffley on July 29 at their 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. worship services. Christopher, who is blind and autistic, shares the love of Jesus through testimony and song.

Born at 26 weeks old, with cocaine in his system, and in critical condition, Christopher began singing before he started talking and his aunt and uncle, Stephen and Christine Duffley, who adopted him, discovered he has perfect pitch.

Stephen and Christine prayed fervently for Christopher, and they taught him about Jesus.

”When he sings ‘Open the Eyes of our Heart,’ he teaches us to not see everything with our eyes, but to see things the way God sees things, through our heart,” she said in an online video where she shares her nephew’s story.

Christopher, now a sought-after performer, was one of “10 Amazing Individuals with Autism who Shined” named by Autism Speaks in 2013. He has sung the national anthem at many ballparks, provided special music at the March for Life youth rally, and has performed with well-known artists including Matt Maher. Click here to hear Christopher sing “Trading My Sorrows” (Words and music by Darrell Evans) at Northland Church.

He has two albums, “Eyes of My Heart” and “Believer,” which includes duets with his sister, Grace.

In 2016 Christopher launched his “Mission Possible” podcasts, interviewing various people about their ministries and special needs issues.