Posted on : Wednesday October 21, 2015

By Sharon Mager

COLUMBIA, Md—“We’re good, we’re ready, we’re thankful for your support and we have a bright future,” Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network Church Multiplication Strategist told General Mission Board members at the Sept. 8 General Mission Board meeting at the Network Center.

Michael Crawford, Team Strategist for Church Multiplication

Michael Crawford, Team Strategist for Church Planting

“We are on pace to break the record for the most church plants in a year. As you might imagine this is presenting some significant challenges to us but we are sure God will give us the wisdom and resources we need to move forward,” Crawford said.

The church planting team has been doing an in-house church multiplication audit, ensuring all systems are clean, up-to date and accounted for, he explained. “Some places we haven’t been as excellent as we should have been…we have made corrections and we are changing.”

“Rolando Castro and Robert Kim (language church planting strategists) are doing an extraordinary job. We have a lot of planters being raised up and sent to plant churches as a result of their efforts,” Crawford said.

He is especially excited at the Network’s new church planting initiative that includes hiring part-time church planting catalysts to reach Muslims, Jewish people, African Americans and those with special needs. Crawford said he is also confident that an increase in support by NAMB (North American Mission Board) will have a profound impact on church planting expansion.

Learn more by contacting Crawford at, 800-466-5290 x225.