Posted on : Tuesday January 7, 2014

By Sharon Mager, BCM/D Correspondent

COLUMBIA, Md.-“Standing still is not an option,” said Randy Millwood, addressing members at the Dec. 3, 2013 General Mission Board meeting at the Baptist Mission Resource Center on behalf of the Church Wellness team. Millwood said healthy churches are purposefully transforming and making transforming differences in the region. Randy Millwood

“If you believe the statistics, about 89 percent of Christian churches are either on a plateau, in decline, or if they’re experiencing growth it is by sources other than conversion, so we want to try to address that,” Millwood said.

The Church Wellness team works to partner with and help churches grow healthier, thus fulfilling Jesus’ commands. This is accomplished through coaching, connecting and consultative services.

Recent Church Wellness sponsored ministries include:

•    “Breathless,” a women’s gathering that exposed women in BCM/D churches to  missions, Bible study, prayer experiences and training to equip and encourage them in  their ministries at their churches.
•    Vacation Bible School planning and training
•    Children’s ministry equipping and coaching with churches and plants
•    A “boot-camp-like” “Turning Around Church” pilot project in partnership with the Eastern Baptist Association strategically designed in 2013 and ready to launch this year.
•    A growing number of BCM/D pastors and pastoral staff are entering coaching covenants with Church Wellness team members.

“Christ is preparing a beautiful bride, ‘the church,’ for Himself. It is the desire of the missionaries, support persons and advisors to the work of church wellness in the networks of churches that is BCM/D to join Him in that work,” Millwood said.