Posted on : Thursday February 22, 2018

Dr. Blake Hardcastle will lead discipleship workshops in Delaware, sponsored by the Delaware Baptist Association. All are welcome.

By Sharon Mager

MAGNOLIA, Del.—Blake Hardcastle, Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware Collegiate Ministry Consultant; Director of Baptist Student Ministry, University of Delaware, will lead discipleship training at two identical workshops in March, sponsored by the Delaware Baptist Association (DBA), and open to all. They are both from 9 am to noon. The first at London Village Baptist Church, Millchop Lane, Magnolia, DE, on March 10, and the second at Sycamore Hill Church, 505 School House Road, Hockessin, Del., on March 17.

The workshop is for pastors, leaders, and church members who want to examine their current discipleship practices and consider adjustments.

Hardcastle said the goal is to equip leaders with different options for content in discipleship. “That includes everything from accountability, spiritual disciplines, Bible reading, and systematic theology,” he said.

Context must also be considered, he continued. How you’re leading discipleship also depends on whether you have one-on-one, or three or six or more.  “All have different nuances in what you’re doing,” he said.

Hardcastle emphasized the discussion isn’t about what he thinks leaders should do, rather, he wants to offer options for leaders to consider what fits in the context of where they’re at and what people they’re around.

He called the process “sandboxing,” building something that may or may not last, but that will fit the current situation.

Some folks may be just starting out, but many have been doing discipleship for a long time, and perhaps they just want to reexamine what they’ve been doing and consider some adjustment.

The workshop is a time to step out and reflect on where you are in discipleship ministry, and what can be changed.  “When you’re in the middle of it there’s no time to think these things through,” he said.

Hardcastle, has worked with collegiate ministry for over 20 years. He has a long track record and a passion for making disciples who make disciples.

Ultimately, Hardcastle said he wants to encourage people to feel a Godly burden to make discipleship a priority, to be thinking, “I really need to be engaging this.”

For more information and to register, email DBA Church Catalyst Champ Thornton.