Posted on : Friday March 17, 2017

Jud Kossum will lead the workshop “Creating Environments of Worship

SALISBURY, Md.—Allen Memorial Baptist Church (AMBC) will host “Creating Environments of Worship” from noon to 2 pm on March 23. It is sponsored by the Eastern Baptist Association and Led by Jud Kossum, AMBC’s pastor of worship and media. The event will cover the topics of making guests feel welcome and comfortable, and developing environments of relevant worship.

Reid Sterrett, executive director of the EBA, says, “Surroundings affect us all in one way or another, either positively or negatively.” We choose restaurants, movies and hotels base on the environment. This holds true with worship.

“As far back as Genesis, environments of worship were created. Noah built an altar for a sacrifice to God. The altar had to be constructed before Noah could worship. As Solomon followed God’s lead in building the glorious temple, he used gold and precious jewels. No expense was spared. It was to be the house of God. The environment had to be suitable as God’s dwelling place. Today, God dwells within His people.

“We are called to reach the lost for Christ and with that we have to be keenly aware of the importance of creating environments most conducive to worship, Sterrett says.

The workshop is $10.00 for EBA affiliated churches and those who RSVP by March 22 or $20.00 at the door.