Posted on : Tuesday September 24, 2013

By Sharon Mager, BCM/D Correspondent

DUNDALK, Md.––”Moses is dead and it’s time to move on,” Michael Crawford, pastor of Freedom Church, Baltimore, told pastors and church leaders at Crossover Baltimore’s call to worship and prayer service on Sept. 22 at Grace Place, Dundalk. Crossover prayer300

In Joshua 1:2, God tells Joshua that Moses is dead. Joshua knew Moses was dead, obviously, Crawford said, but God was urging Joshua to move on.

Those were hard sandals to fill. “Moses was a bad dude,” Crawford said with a grin. He parted waters and called down plagues, but God told Joshua to be ‘strong and courageous.’

“In Baltimore, our forefathers did amazing things. They were serious about the Gospel. They’re dead.

“It’s our turn to crossover. We are going to build on their foundation,” Crawford said.

“The Great Commission is like a gift card. God tells Joshua every place you lay your foot I’m giving you. We’re like ‘crossover, crossover,’ and the Lord says, ‘I’ve already given it to you.’

“We need to go with humble boldness. You need strength. There is no room for wimps. When you crossover, you have to be strong.”

Strength comes from God and we have to be conscious of our weakness before we can be strong.

“If you’re not conscious of your weakness, then you’re living in the flesh.”

Crawford said we must “bleed Bible.” We must be consumed with the Word of God like teens are with their cell phones.

Captivate Church’s praise team led worship through the evening.

Cindy Irizarry, Crossover Baltimore director of mobilization and logistics said, “We are asking our Father to speak to people all over…prompting them to come to Baltimore.”

Dale South, pastor of Long Green Baptist Church initiated a time of prayer. Church leaders gathered, according to their geographical locations in Baltimore, to pray for Crossover efforts, that God will raise more churches to participate, for reaching the diverse ethnic groups of the cities, for the crisis situations in Baltimore and for spiritual awakening.

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