Posted on : Friday January 18, 2019

By Sharon Mager

OCEAN CITY, Md. — It’s cold outside now, but summer’s coming, and here’s something to look forward to the inaugural Jellyfish Festival in Ocean City. It’s a four-day music, arts and interactive sports extravaganza that will rock the beach. The family-friendly festival is from June 20 to 23, and it will encompass five blocks designated for the festival “village.”


Each day will have a different theme, including a tribute to first responders, a modern music night; a classic rock night, featuring the band “Styx”; and a Christian music night.

On Sunday, June 23, Christian artists David Crowder, and the Newsboys will take the large state-of-the-art stage on the beach as part of “Music with a Message.” The concerts will be at 4 and 6 p.m., late enough for folks to get to church in the morning and then to the show, and early enough to get home to prepare for work the next day, said Joe “Salty” Selt, a member of Ocean City Baptist Church (OCBC), of Maryland, and owner of Endless Summer Surf Shop, in Ocean City, Md. Selt is also one of the key business partners bringing the festival to the ocean.


Other bands will be playing throughout the festival on the big stage, including “Fresh Friday.” There’s a secondary stage, as well as acoustic venues throughout the village. More than 25 music groups from different genres will participate.

Selt is excited about the new festival. “It’s for all ages,” he stressed. “The whole thing is family friendly.”

Ocean City Baptist Church is partnering with the festival organizers to help, and they’re selling tickets to the Sunday “Music with a Message” concert. Though tickets will be available on Ticketmaster, festival owners are giving OCBC, and other participating churches, 20 percent of the ticket price. So, for every $49 ticket they sell, churches are getting about $10.

“If you sell 100 tickets, we’ll have you on stage with the bands, and present you with the check,” Selt said.

Selt, who also sponsors surfing classes as an outreach in partnership with OCBC, is happy to be able to help churches fundraise through this venture.

In addition to the bands, Selt said there would be giant tents for local and regional artists, and interactive sporting events, including a fitness course challenge, “fat-tire” bicycles on the beach, and Motocross.

Ocean City leaders are supportive of the festival. About 10,000 visitors are expected to attend.

For more information about the festival and how your church can participate, email “Salty” Selt at