Posted on : Tuesday April 8, 2014

By Sharon Mager, BCM/D Correspondent

OAKLAND, Md.—Deep Creek Lake Resort Ministry Director Julie DuVall is overjoyed and slightly overwhelmed at the incredible opportunities God is providing.

“All of a sudden doors are bursting open all at once. I know God can carry me through but this is like a wild ride right now,” she says with a laugh.  DuVall said she’s thrilled to see the “spiritual fruit” as a result of years of building relationships.

Most recently, DuVall and her family, along with volunteers from Deep Creek Baptist Church and mission teams from the Western Baptist Association and several from outside of the association, have been ministering to 60 South American students working at the Wisp Ski Resort from December to March. DuVall and her volunteers hosted dinners and game nights at Deep Creek Church for the express purpose of getting to know the students. Duvall said many students were eager to discuss spiritual topics and had many questions.Deep Creek International Students-72

Looking ahead, DuVall said the biggest highlight this year will be the world slalom championship at Wisp Ski Resort, Sept. 18 to 21. DuVall said the resort ministry is in charge of the entire children’s area for the vendors’ village. They’re also planning to offer daily devotions with the athletes and help with parking. The impact will be huge, she said. Athletes from 35 countries will participate in the event.

Over 100 volunteers from eight churches are ready to help.

Currently, DuVall needs volunteers for summer mission teams, especially for this July. Those teams will help with servant evangelism, campground services, kids’ nights out and some construction.

DuVall also needs financial support to cover the cost of the incredibly expanding ministries.

For more information see the ministry website, or email DuVall at