Posted on : Thursday September 14, 2017

COLUMBIA, Md.—Following the incredible devastation of Hurricanes Harvey and Katrina, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (DR) volunteers are preparing for deployment, to serve and love others in dire need. 

Doug DuBois, BCM/D State Disaster Relief Director, said between 50 – 75 Maryland/Delaware volunteers a week for the next month will be needed for deployment, which begins on Sept. 17.

All nine of the BCM/D’s DR units are ready to go, however, there are only enough volunteers to fully team and deploy one or two units. Volunteers are needed for recovery/mud-out, feeding, shower and laundry duties and to serve as chaplains.

Introductory training is now available online. For more information, visit online at to complete or create a profile, watch an introductory training video, and await instructions.

“Once we assign you to a team, your unit leader will be in touch to provide you with the details on departure dates, travel arrangements, and location of your deployment,” DuBois said. “I pray that through our serving, many would place their faith in Christ.”

If you have any problems, please contact Niki Taylor at