Posted on : Thursday April 26, 2018

By Sharon Mager

DUNDALK, Md.—Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware (BCM/D) Disaster Relief (DR) volunteers met at Captivate Church, Dundalk, for feeding, shower, and flood recovery training on Saturday, April 21. Following the hands-on work, volunteers were introduced to a simple new evangelism tool.

Ellen Udovich, BCM/D Church Services Consultant, Community Engagement, led the training. Each DR volunteer was given a pair of yellow work gloves.

Udovich showed a video presented by Pastor John Meador, the pastor of First Baptist Church, Euless, Texas. Meador instructed volunteers to write the first five letters of “Gospel” on the fingers of the left-hand glove, and then put the last letter, “L,” on the right-hand glove.

Meador said the simple letters can provide all sorts of opportunities.

People will ask,  “What’s on the glove?” It’s a chance to have a conversation. They’ll say, “‘Why do you have an ‘L’ on your right hand? Don’t you know your right from your left?”

Meador explained, “It’s a door open for a discussion.” The gloves are a reminder to the DR workers that while in the midst of working, the real reason for doing the work is to share the Gospel.

“I think that’s a great tool,” said David Davis, a Sunday school teacher at Mars Hill Baptist Church, Essex. Davis said the gloves will be a constant reminder to keep the Gospel as the first priority.

Others agreed that the gloves would be helpful and some even said that same principle can even be used on work gloves around the house, in the community or on secular construction jobs.