Posted on : Monday October 31, 2011

By Sharon Mager, BCM/D Correspondent

DUNKIRK, Md.–Jeannie Keyser, wife of David Keyser, pastor of  Potter’s Place Church, is asking for prayers and even for a potential kidney donor for her brother, Donald Cornwell, who is suffering from renal kidney failure.

Donald Cornwell

Doctors found a cyst on Cornwell’s left kidney and were confident it was cancerous. They operated, removed the cyst and half of Cornwell’s kidney. The biopsy showed the cyst was benign. That was great news. Cornwell still had one and a half kidneys, which he could live with. Unfortunately, he began suffering from renal kidney failure and his remaining kidneys are working at less than 13%. Cornwell now goes to dialysis for four hours a day three days a week. He is now awaiting a kidney donor for a transplant.Cornwell and his wife, Toni, are seeking prayer and if possible, a donor. He has 0 positive blood type and Cornwell said medical expenses will be paid by his insurance company.

“This is a big decision that first, should be prayed about for God’s guidance and secondly, discussed with each member of your family,” Cornwell advises.

Cornwell and his wife, Toni, are active members of Dunkirk Church where Cornwell serves as a deacon.

For more information contact Cornwell, 301-855-4287 or 301-641-1490.