Posted on : Monday November 7, 2011

We received this letter from Susanna Dalais with IMB:

I am a native Marylander now living in Mauritius, an island nation in the Indian Ocean to the east of Madagascar.  I helped found a Christian elementary school, Lighthouse Primary School, here almost 3 years ago.  We hope that many will come to know Jesus through the school.  I would be happy to tell you more about it but in the meantime I will attach a recent newsletter about the school so you can get an idea. What is truly a privilege is that virtually a day does not go by in which at least one member of staff or the Board gets to share the gospel and we are seeing the fruits in our students, their families and our surrounding community.

I want to get the word out about some employment opportunities we have exclusively for young American teachers in SBC churches.  We have a unique opportunity to have 2 teachers funded through the IMB’s Journeyman programme, but we need to find candidates fast since our next school year begins in January.

We are looking for elementary school teachers at Lighthouse Primary School ( ), an English-medium private Christian school located in Mauritius.  It is a pioneering school in a country where Christians are a small minority, and all teachers are considered ministry positions.  Potential candidates can see more about this opportunity through the website of the International Missionary Board ( ) and the requirements for its Journeyman programme (under which this position falls) are explained below.

Interested candidates can also contact us on or contact me personally at Susanna Dalais <>.