Posted on : Thursday October 12, 2017

By Sharon Mager

ANNAPOLIS, Md.—Elevate Church, Annapolis, received a citation from the City of Annapolis for appreciation of their service to area youth.

The “Martha Wood Leadership Award,” presented on Oct. 9 recognized the church members’ work with local children, specifically providing arts and crafts at the Eastport Community Center, assisting students with homework, helping children with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education at an afterschool learning center, and hosting sports camps.

Elevate Church Pastor Steve Poole, (center), receives a citation from Annapolis Mayor Michael Pantelides (right) as Mary Ellen Turner, Annapolis Housing Authority resident services manager (left), looks on. (Photo by Wendy Poole).

Elevate Church Pastor Steve Poole said the church has been intentional in reaching out to their community, building relationships and bridges.

“We’ve done a sports camp and kids club with the City of Annapolis Housing Authority as well as fall festivals and other events,” Poole said. The church also provided air conditioning for homes that needed it,  and they give away school supplies, as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets.

“We don’t do the things we do for recognition but the recognition lets us know that the work the church is doing is being recognized. They notice it. It’s an encouragement to our church members. We don’t teach them to do things to get a pat on the back, but it helps then to know what they’re doing is important to community,” Poole said.

“We actually have been purposely trying to build and keep up a partnership with the City of Annapolis Housing Authority. Those partnerships are important to us because as a small church, we can’t do things on our own. Having another organization help us makes a big difference,” he said.