Posted on : Thursday May 11, 2017

By Sharon Mager

POCOMOKE CITY, Md.— “I have Cerebral Palsy—What’s your problem?” That’s how nationally-known evangelist, motivational speaker and author David Ring regularly challenges his audiences, especially when it comes to serving his Savior, Jesus Christ.

Ring will share at churches and schools on Maryland’s Eastern Shore next week, ministering at revival services May 14 to 17 at First Baptist Church, Pocomoke City (FBCPC); a women’s tea on May 13 at Lynnhaven Baptist Church; and from noon to 2 pm on May 16 at an Eastern Baptist Association-sponsored luncheon at FBCPC. Ring will also visit a local school to share during an assembly and at chapel at Seaside Christian Academy in Ocean City.

The popular evangelist regularly testifies that he was thought stillborn and put on a table for 18 minutes, but God had other plans. Ring has Cerebral Palsy, but he shares how God has used the disease, sharing that while he doesn’t have a healthy body, he has the grace of the almighty God. Ring passionately relates how he would flee to the safety of his mother’s arms when he was teased, laughed at, and called “retarded.” But one day those open arms were gone. While he was still young, Ring lost both his father, and then his mother to cancer. He tells how he would cry out to God in frustration and pain, lonely, especially missing his parents, his mother’s embrace, and then how Jesus came to his lonely heart and changed his life.

First Baptist Church, Pocomoke City Pastor Wayne Ayer said he heard Ring for the first time when Ayer was about 12 and living in Canada. Ring made a strong impression on the young man and Ayer continued to follow him through the years. When Ayer was ministering in Johnstown, Pa., he saw on Ring’s Facebook page that Ring had an open date. Ayer called and the church hosted the evangelist and the men became friends. Ayer is thrilled to have the opportunity to host Ring at FBC Pocomoke City.

Ayer has been heavily promoting the revival services and other events throughout the area.  Over 120 women are expected at the ladies tea on Saturday. “We’ve been praying for the revival services and we expect God to move in a huge way,” said Ayer.

For more information, email Wayne Ayer.