Posted on : Monday July 25, 2011

By Sharon Mager, BCM/D Corespondent

GLEN BURNIE, Md.—Thirty-two youth from Faith Church, Glen Burnie, fasted for 24 hours, from April 29-30 to raise awareness and funds for orphans through the organization “Food for the Hungry.” Teens camped overnight at the church worshipping with the internationally known Christian band, Willet, and participated in a “water walk” to understand what it feels like to have to travel to get something as basic as water. They also did hands-on ministry, working with Arundel House of Hope, a Glen Burnie homeless resource center, cleaning the facilities and praying with homeless men and women. Each youth obtained sponsors to raise money to “adopt” a Haitian or Mozambique orphan, providing meals, clothing and other necessary living expenses.

“It was an amazing weekend,” Associate Pastor Tim Byer said. “The youth raised over $2,700 to sponsor seven children for the entire year. We plan on repeating the event in 12 months to continue support for those kids and bring on additional children as well. Our “Water Walk” was very eye-opening for the teens. They were tired after walking just three miles round-trip on flat ground to get water in buckets. They were shocked to know that kids did that on the side of mountains several times a day.”

Byer said funds raised to support the orphans was not sent to a general fund, rather was designated to specific children whose pictures will be posted on the walls of the “Light House” (Faith’s youth ministry building).  The youth will be able to pray specifically for their “adopted” children and send letters and gifts throughout the year.

The culmination of the fast weekend was a big blow-out Christian concert featuring the bands Stellar Kart, Willet and Faith’s “8:30 band.” Additional children were sponsored during the concert and then on Sunday, May 1, Byer challenged the whole church.

“Through the weekend 46 children were rescued from poverty in Haiti and Mozambique. They will now be able to go to school, receive medical care, translated Scripture, and be taught to grow their own food to sustain agriculture,” Byer said. “Most importantly, they will be given the true hope of Jesus in their community”.

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