Posted on : Friday October 12, 2018

By Sharon Mager

PERRYVILLE, Md.—First Baptist Church, Perryville, (FBC) wants to engage their community with the Gospel by getting outside of their church walls and into the community. They’ve found a fabulous vehicle to do just that at the local elementary school. The church started a GoodNews Club® (GNC) in Sept., and it has already grown from seven to eleven children.

FBC Perryville Member Nancy Mason leads the Good News Club®.

It’s the first such club in an elementary school in Cecil County.

Pastor Brian Dempsey says that with a local elementary school nearby, providing education to over 400 students, the church knew it was an excellent opportunity for outreach, and the school families have many needs.

“Over half of the children at the school live in homes where the household income is below the poverty line,” Dempsey said. Also, Cecil County has been massively affected by the nationwide opioid epidemic. “The ramifications have overflowed into the lives of the children in the community.

“There is a great need for a ministry that will reach the kids with the truth of the Gospel but will not require parents or guardians to transport the children to an off-sight location. Enter Good News Club®,” he said.

Good News Club® is a ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship. They meet in schools, homes, community centers, churches, anywhere children can safely meet with parents’ permission.  The clubs won their right to assemble in schools, just like other clubs, based on a 2001 Supreme Court ruling, Good News Club® v Milford Central schools.